Valentina´s Natuurlijke


Valentina’s Natuurlijke Cosmetica

Years of experience in products for skin care and body care, our variety of products is the best choice for all skin types from facial cleansers, moisturisers, soap, solid shampoo and shower gels for body care. We offer natural and effective cosmetics that help you invest in healthy skin.

The range of Cosmetics Bubbles & Colors offers a wide variety of fragrances, textures and smells to impregnate your skin health.


Friendly with animals

Suitable for vegans

Natural ingredients

We use natural herbs, organic and of ethical origin, herbal products and essential oils without harmful chemicals.

Why Valentina’s Natuurlijke Cosmetics?

We are fueled by a passion, skin care and a preference to establish a niche brand of specific products for a growing consumer base.

Bubbles & Colors has developed cosmetics to satisfy all skin types.

Our mission

Our cosmetics are 100% natural, handmade, products for body hygiene, bathing and body care.

There are no artificial colours, synthetic additives, preservatives, petroleum products, parabens, palm oils, GMOs or products tested on animals.

In Valentina’s Natuurlijke Cosmetica, we offer products for the care of your body based on natural ingredients.

Our most important values

We have a passion for presenting our customers with the best products, learning and share our knowledge and inspiring that passion in others. We work hard to provide excellence in everything we do.

Being ethical in all areas of our company is a concern for us, whether it is how we work or how we treat others. The manufacture of excellent natural products for the care of your body is our priority.

Ecological, natural, bio-organic and vegan cosmetics are in constant growth and continuous change.

We are committed in our attempt to impart to our customers the rewarding activation experience through the smells, textures and colours with quality natural ingredients.